Pre-Hunt Info:

Prior to your hunt, please contact Superior Taxidermy to receive your shipping tags and information on field care for your outfitter or PH. 

Pre-Hunt Shipping: 

For Trophies Shipping from Outside the U. S.:

Your trophies will be imported through a customs broker who will assist with your CITIES tags and other important import/export papers.  There are a number of custom brokers from which to choose.  Glen would be more than happy to advise choosing one on an individual basis. 

For Trophies Shipping from Inside the U.S.:
We accept salted, green or frozen hides.  (Salted hides should be placed in cardboard boxes or cloth sacks.  Plastic or anything that can trap moisture should be avoided.  Moisture can cause damage or rot your trophy.)  

► If the hide is green or frozen, Superior Taxidermy must be notified in advance of the shipment.  If unsure how to properly care for your hide, please contact us for additional information to ensure your satisfaction.  

Shipping Information:

When you’re shipping, please always enclose the following information in each package:

  • Full Name
  • Complete Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Cell Number
  • Hunting License Number
  • Tag Number, CITIES Number, or Seal Number

When Superior Taxidermy receives your trophy we will immediately do a thorough inventory including: punching, labeling and documenting all contents.  We will contact you promptly to discuss poses, basework and all options for your mount.  A contract will be sent to you specifying all details.  Upon completion, the contract needs to be signed and returned with our deposit. 

Return Shipping:

Custom crates are constructed to protect and safely handle your mount for return shipment.  Final costs will be determined as soon as the crate is sized, weighed and valued for insurance.