Apprenticeship Program

Superior Taxidermy School Program

All taxidermy techniques are designed to teach the individual through a series of steps that culminates in the most comprehensive taxidermy training available. The techniques are demonstrated point by point in a highly structured and supervised manner.

Techniques are based on quality and details, not quantity and speed. You will be learning through "hands on experience". Through this process you will achieve the perfection needed to become a successful taxidermist. This is a 100% hands on training program, unlike any other program. This is not a series of mini courses or 3-4 week school you may have seen out on the internet. Taxidermy is an art form that takes a lot of time and labor to do correctly. The more time spent learning the art of Taxidermy and applying what you learn, the better your finished mounts will look.

Last years Apprentice was a 17 year old high school student. He finished approximately 48 specimens during this program. The apprentice provides all of their own specimens which they can use as their display for starting their own business. 

Read what Cody had this to say about his Taxidermy training:

Check out Cody's Taxidermy work below. 

This program will teach you all aspects of Taxidermy. If you are interested in a school learning program with Superior Taxidermy, you can contact us below:

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